Bruno's past is a sad one.  We were blessed with Bruno over a year ago by fate.  We were his third family in less than a year.  Bruno was originally purchased as a puppy for a young boy.  Within a few months, the boy was not interested in caring for a puppy.  Bruno had spent most of his days, up to 14 hours a day, in a crate.  He was then sold to a breeder for breeding purposes.   The breeder only wanted to stud him once to see what color of puppies would be born between a fawn pug (Bruno) and an apricot pug.  After the breeding was successful, Bruno was then, again, kept in a crate, in a basement to keep him from breeding again.

We were told by a friend that they had seen an ad in a local diner showing an adult pug for sale.  We responded to this ad and the rest is Bruno history!  Bruno is loved by everyone and is one happy pug!

Bruno is now 2 1/2 years old and spends his days working with his Mom from her home office and playing with his many plush toy animals.  Bruno also attends doggie day camp twice a week, where he meets new friends and plays all day.  He sure is tired when he arrives home!  Doggie Day Camp is his favorite thing to do as he is a very social Pug and he gets along with everyone!  He loves children and other animals as well!

This website is all about Bruno.  We hope you enjoy reading about his daily activities and adventures, as he has so many! 

If you believe that you are ready to have a pug in your life, please visit the links to look into adopting through a rescue.  Many resuce pugs are just like Bruno.  They have so much love to give and are perfect companion dogs.  Pugs tend to be "clowns" and can put a smile on your face throughout the day!